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Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

IDELIX Creates Interactive 2D and 3D Visualization Lenses for InfoImaging

IDELIX Software Inc. is a technology leader in 2D and 3D graphics technology. We have developed a patented geometry engine called Pliable Display Technology (PDT) that can be integrated to create a more efficient workflow process for tasks involving visualization, creation, manipulation, or extraction of data. Combining our core technology with partner and client applications, IDELIX is reshaping the way in which businesses and individuals view and edit information.


Persistent innovation in building technology to improve navigation and comprehension of data, and to facilitate intuitive interaction with complex information.


We draw from the strong, innovative, and creative energy of our people to build leading edge technology. We value our partners, the application developers using our OEM tools and products to deliver the usability and productivity improvements required by customers facing limited screen space to navigate increasing volumes of complex data from an increasing number of data sources, increasing screen resolution, and an increasingly mobile workforce.

Values and Beliefs

  • Personal Responsibility
  • Sense of Team
  • Open Communication
  • Sincerity
  • Creativity

Our History

IDELIX Software Inc. was established in 1996 by Dr. David Baar as a result of his interests in software for numerical modeling and image processing. IDELIX is located in Yaletown, the hub of Vancouver's high tech community, and currently has a total of 23 employees. From the office boardroom to the in-house climbing wall, the corporate culture at IDELIX encourages creativity, active participation, and a strong sense of teamwork.

Our Core Technology: PDT and PDT 3d

PDT: Visualization Software for "Focus + Context" Viewing

Pliable Display Technology (PDT) is our core technology. PDT is changing the way people view and value their information by addressing the growing challenge of viewing high-density data sets and images on a limited size screen display. What separates PDT from other viewing technologies is the ability to view and edit high-resolution detail within the context of the entire low-resolution image, without having to zoom in and lose part of the image context. As a PDT lens moves across the display screen, it works as a geometric transform, giving the visual impression that the display surface is "pliable" or elastic. Desired levels of magnification and detail appear within the focal region of the lens, while the lens shoulder provides continuous visual connection to the base image. The result is detail-in-context viewing with no information being hidden from view.

Pliable Display Technology is protected by US Patents 6,727,910; 6,768,497. Other patents pending.

PDT 3d: Visualization Software for Occlusion Reduction

PDT 3d is built on the existing API of PDT and is used for viewing and interacting with three dimensional models and large complex assemblies on the local PC and the Internet. PDT 3d offers a way to see an area of interest that is "occluded" or blocked from view by the objects visible in front of it. 3D lenses essentially extend a cone or cylinder toward an object of interest, displacing other objects to the outside of the cone or cylinder. The result is the ability to view an object that would normally be hidden behind other objects. Contextual information is preserved, with minimal adjustment to the structure.

The PDT Software Development Kits were designed to act as building blocks—they are data format independent, object oriented and easily extended. The Structured Applications Programming Interface (API) includes an extensive library of lenses, in-place editing capabilities, and revolutionary image-folding capabilities. PDT and PDT 3d are also platform independent, working with raster, vector, and text data in a variety of application areas including images, maps, graphs, hierarchy models, object models, and text, on a variety of devices from PCs to PDAs. The PDT Software Development Kits were written in ANSI C++ without reliance on advanced features such as templates or exceptions, making them compatible with a large range of C++ compilers.

Our Scope

Major opportunities for PDT exist in markets where visualization software plays a large role in day-to-day workflows, such as Government and Defense, Handheld and Wireless Devices, Digital Imaging, Geographic Information Systems & Remote Sensing, Geospatial, Petroleum, Electronic Media, Computer Aided Design, Medical Imaging, and Electronic Games.

Our Partners

IDELIX is seeking leading software OEMs and Systems Integrators worldwide to implement PDT as a customer solution in their leading applications. Partners such as Boeing Autometric and Natural Resources Canada have already recognized the value-added impact of including PDT in their software and web-based applications.

IDELIX has completed the development of a highly modular Applications Programming Interface (API) and container applications so that partners can easily integrate PDT capabilities into a variety of imaging applications and systems.

Our Future

The PDT SDK is evolving with a continuous stream of innovations lead by our expert research and development team. IDELIX plans to take the existing SDK and build out the core functionality to extend to new areas such as:

PDT Smart Lenses

The Smart Lenses capability will enable the PDT lenses to be aware of the data on which they are acting. With smart lenses the data can drive the lens configuration and/or motion. For example, if a lens is positioned over a newspaper article, it can follow the layout of the article and make it easier to read on screen. Another example is a lens following the contour of an object or map. Smart lenses enable a standard communication protocol between the lens and the data.

"In an increasingly computerized world, the universal adaptability of PDT opens enormous market opportunity and positions IDELIX for a period of tremendous growth," comments Bijan Sanii, President and CEO of IDELIX Software Inc. "With our first major Fortune 100 deal signed and validated interested from a number of others, we are very optimistic about the future at IDELIX."

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