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PDT for Handheld and Wireless Devices

Pliable Display Technology
for Handheld Computing & Wireless Devices

As the "Knowledge-Enabled" Mobile Workforce Evolves...

There is a growing trend towards mobility within the workforce as handheld computing and wireless devices such as PDA's, Tablet PC's, and mobile phones become more powerful, enabling in-field operation of more complex applications. Although wireless connectivity and data access capabilities are also improving, browsing and viewing capabilities are still limited. As the number of mobile users increases, so does the need for a more intuitive user interface that enables navigation and access to relevant information in high-density data, real-time visualization to address specialized analysis needs, and options for seamless GIS/image exploitation.

Portability and Hardware Size Limitations Create a New Viewing Challenge...

How can an analyst examine the detail available in the latest high-resolution satellite imagery and still maintain complete situational awareness of the bigger picture?

How can travelers see the streets leading to their hotel on their web map servers without zooming reference points such as the airport and conference center off the screen?

Innovations in Visualization Software are Necessary to Overcome Data Claustrophobia...

The limitation of screen size to meet portability requirements is inherent in most handheld computing and wireless devices. Digital image data is getting denser and our screens are getting smaller. We need to locate, navigate and understand the images that are available. We need to do it quickly without getting overwhelmed or lost.

Introducing Pliable Display Technology (PDT)—A Visualization Technology by IDELIX

IDELIX has developed a practical integration solution that enables faster and easier comprehension of information. Pliable Display Technology (PDT), a patents-pending virtual lens technology developed by IDELIX, has the potential to change the way in which handheld/wireless users view and value information. With PDT, we can expect efficiency and accuracy gains in viewing and editing large images on small screens.

PDT: A Visualization Tool for the Viewing, Creation, and Management of Information and Images in the Field

PDT helps users of handheld/wireless devices to view and interact with their data within the limitation of the small display screens. Whether the task is field data collection, routing, dispatching, incident reporting, or obtaining in-field visual access to up-to-date information, PDT enables users to make the best use of their screen real estate.

PDT is useful in a variety of commercial and military applications. With "detail-in-context" viewing capabilities, GIS and CAD professionals are able to use the PDT lens to magnify areas of interest on a handheld or wireless device. The "close-up" view of imagery within the lens remains connected with the overview of imagery surrounding the lens, and facilitates more efficient navigation and editing with the data set, while at the same time enabling more informed in-field decisions.

In the military, every soldier's location will soon be mapped on a network and displayed on each individual's wireless device providing situational awareness to everyone in the field. PDT facilitates communication in the field by enabling troops using wireless devices to retain a view of their complete surroundings — in real time, with nothing hidden from view. The use of PDT is necessary to overcome the inherent limitation of screen real estate on handheld and wireless devices.

Detail-in-Context viewing can also provide a convenient way of saving bandwidth. In retrieving the detail in large images stored offsite, only the relevant portion of the image needs to be transferred. This further improves efficiency in wireless applications.

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For a list of the Features and Benefits of PDT and PDT 3d, see the PDT Product Sheets . For more technical detail on PDT, read our White Papers or Technical Descriptions .
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