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PDT Software Development Kits (SDKs)
Partner Program

NEW!  PDT C++ and Java SDKs
Now available for integration!

IDELIX currently offers a number of Pliable Display Technology Software Development Kits:

  • PDT C++ Software Development Kit (also supports COM and .NET)
  • PDT Java Software Development Kit
  • PDT 3d Software Development Kit

Join one of the IDELIX Partner Programs . Or, if you are interested in becoming a Beta Tester, Join the IDELIX Beta Program.

IDELIX currently offers a number of Pliable Display Technology Software Development Kits:

PDT SDK—Available in C++ and Java

The core workings of Pliable Display Technology for two dimensional data applications. Versions of the PDT SDK are available in both C++ and Java. The new PDT Java SDK extends the platform independence of the Pliable Display Technology family, which also includes a PDT three-dimensional SDK and a PDT two-dimensional SDK written in ANSI C++ with support for OpenGL and DirectX hardware acceleration optimized software renderers, specific classes for DirectX rendering, and managed .NET and COM wrappers that are based on a simplified version of the PDT SDK called PDTfi (facilitation interface). [more]


The PDT 3d SDK builds on the core PDT SDK and introduces new classes supporting PDT 3d lenses, a new application of Pliable Display Technology for viewing and interacting with three dimensional models and large complex assemblies on the local PC and the Internet. [more]

To obtain copies of our SDKs for commercial use, contact the IDELIX Partner Programs and IDELIX will provide the support and documentation you need for successful integration.

Beta Testers

If you are interested in beta testing the PDT SDK or the PDT 3d SDK, join our Beta Program.

Use of the Pliable Display Technology Software Development Kits requires a basic understanding of C and C++ or Java, and a familiarity with object-oriented design. The C++ SDK includes a set of libraries compiled for Windows, Unix, Linux, IRIX, Solaris, Mac OS X, and WinCE. Version 3.0 of the PDT C++ SDK also supports COM and .NET. Other ports are available upon request.

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