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PDT Layers Demo
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PDT Layers Demo:
Reducing data claustrophobia
& Providing efficient feature extraction

Use the PDT Layers Demo to explore how PDT can enhance data fusion! This demo was produced as a part of the 2004 Joint Warrior Interoperability Demonstration trials to show how data layers derived from various stove-piped applications can be brought together within one visualization interface and viewed simultaneously using the PDT lens.

The PDT Layers Demo shows how data layers can either be blended or simply toggled within the PDT lens to reduce the "clutter" associated with multi-layer viewing. Utilizing PDT's Undisplace algorithm, simple mark-up can also be performed within the lens to spatially correlate or compare features of interest across the visible and infrared layers.

How to Use the PDT Layers Demo

Below is a brief description on how to explore the functionality of the PDT Layers Demo. For a more complete help manual, click on the Help button located within the Menu bar of the demo and select Help Topics from the drop down menu. You can also download a Help Manual [PDF] for the PDT Layers Demo.

PDT Layers demo tool    Select a Base Image

This demo comes with four data sets:

  • Belleville Train Wreck
  • Boston Vessel of Interest
  • Quebec Plane Crash
  • St. Lawrence River Vessel of Interest

Each data set contains multiple layers of imagery. For example, the St. Lawrence River Vessel of Interest data set contains the layers shown below:

PDT Layers demo data set

Click on the Base Image file folder icon and choose the data set you would like to preview. Select the image you would like to become your base image. In the PDT Layers Demo, you will see this image appear within the window.

PDT Layers demo tool    Select a Lens Image

Click on the Lens Image file folder icon and select an image from the data set that is different from the image selected as the Base Image. In the PDT Layers Demo, you should see this image appear within the PDT lens.

PDT Layers demo tool    Change the Lens Image

Click on this icon to turn the secondary image appearing within the lens on and off. This command fills the lens with the base image for a magnified inspection.

PDT Layers demo tool    Activate & Manipulate the Lens

PDT lens & cursors

Once the base and lens images have been successfully loaded, click on the arrow cursor button in the toolbar to move and re-size the lens. Left click and drag with your mouse anywhere within the lens to move the lens.

Control the PDT lens with the MDLC (Modular Design Lens Control) handles and sliders. The lens magnification, position (click and drag), and size can be manipulated with the MDLC user interface.

PDT Layers demo tool    Adjust the Size of the Lens

The focal region and base sizes can be changed by clicking and dragging the respective handles that surround the focal and base regions.

PDT Layers demo tool    Fold and Unfold the Lens

Click and drag on the focal region boundary to move the focal region with respect to the lens base. The resultant displacement of the focal region is called Folding. Click on the Unfold button in the toolbar to remove all lens folding.

Folding the PDT lens allows you to inspect areas of interest in the shoulder of the lens without repositioning the lens. If data is not clearly visible in the lens shoulder, folding the lens will extend the shoulder region and make the data easier to view.

PDT Layers demo tool    Add/Remove the Lens

Click on the Add/Remove button on the toolbar, and view the entire dataset in an undistorted state. Reapply the lens by clicking on this button again.

PDT Layers demo tool    Pick a Paint Colour

Pick a colour for use in editing by clicking on the Eyedropper button in the toolbar. Then select a colour from the image by clicking on a pixel with the Eyedropper tool. Alternatively, you can choose a paint colour with the Colour Dialog Box by clicking on the colour Palette button on the toolbar. Pixels selected for editing are changed to the current paint colour (see Edit Your Picture , below).

PDT Layers demo tool    Edit the Image

In this demo, the process of editing modifies both image layers. This highlights the ability to edit or mark up magnified detail and have it reflect accurately on the base image.

Select a pixel, draw a line, or select a rectangular area on the image with the pencil, line-drawing tool, or area-fill tool. The colour of the selected pixel(s) is automatically changed to the currently-selected paint colour. You can edit pixels anywhere within the dataset, whether they are located in the PDT lens focal region, on the PDT lens shoulder, or on the unmagnified base plane.

PDT toolbar button    Undo/Redo Edits

Step back and forward through edits made on the image. These buttons remain inactive until the image has been edited.
PDT toolbar button    Play a Pre-Recorded Demo

Click on the play demo button to see a demonstration of the Layers Demo in use. To exit the demonstration at any time, simply press Ctrl Esc on your keyboard.

For a full technical description of PDT functionality, see our White Papers and Technical Descriptions .

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