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Purchasing IDELIX Products & Services

Purchasing IDELIX Products and Services

Find out more about purchasing:

IDELIX Products

The following products are currently available for purchase:

  • PDT C++ Software Development Kit (also supports COM and .NET environments)
  • PDT Java Software Development Kit
  • PDT 3d (Version 1.0)

Purchasing a PDT SDK allows up to 10 of your developers to work with our code and to integrate PDT into various prototypes for demonstration purposes. Find out more about the PDT SDKs .

Note: Pricing for project specific endeavours and deployable commercial products needs to be negotiated on a case-by-case basis with the IDELIX Business Development Team. Contact us via phone 604-656-6300 or email . We would love to discuss your future integration plans in more detail!

There are two ways to purchase the SDK:

1) Join the IDELIX Developer Partner Program. You can purchase a Pliable Display Technology Software Development Kit (C++ or Java version) directly from IDELIX. Contact us at , or fill out our online application and we will contact you as soon as we can. You can also call us directly at 604-656-6300.

2) Purchase directly through the following list of federal government contracts:

IDELIX Professional Services
& PDT Workshops

IDELIX currently offers a Professional Services group that is devoted to enabling our customers to fully utilize IDELIX technologies within their own projects and applications. Our professional services compliment the training and support services we offer, and assist your organization in leveraging our information visualization expertise, application design, usability, and integration experience. Find out more about our Professional Services .

There are two ways to purchase IDELIX Professional Services:

1) You can currently purchase IDELIX services directly from IDELIX. Please contact us at .

2) Standard services rates and standard training workshops can also be purchased directly through the following list of federal government contracts:

For help defining your project and services needs, or more information on our range of IDELIX Professional Services and PDT Workshops, please contact us at:

Tel: 604-656-6300

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