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PDT for Seismic Imaging
PDT for Seismic Imaging
PDT gives you the ability to inspect and edit detail while maintaining the overall context of a large digital image or map.
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Pliable Display Technology
for Seismic Imaging

As the Oil and Gas Industry's Need for Accurate Interpretation of Geophysical Data Sets Increases...

As environmental awareness increases and access to certain public lands becomes more restricted, oil and gas companies need to become more accurate in finding oil in their existing oil fields. In order to increase the accuracy of interpretation and decrease the cost of exploitation, the oil and gas industry has seen the emergence of multiple trends that impact the way geophysical data is visualized such as improvement in the resolution of data sets that have been made possible by increases in computing and in graphics power.

Better Ways of Visualization Must be Utilized...

Higher resolution data sets means the need for improved display technology and devices is growing. Visualization technologies that can support higher resolution of data and allow for more efficient use of data manipulation tools need to be implemented. Virtual Reality Centers that enable immersive visualization for reservoir analysis and integration of data are gaining wider use, since they allow for collaboration and provide insight into data sets such as complex 3D models. Teams of multi-disciplinary experts are able to gather together to integrate their data and their knowledge. However, these centers are expensive and their use is restricted by problems such as set-up time. More efficient methods for data visualization and collaboration must be developed.

In Order to Remain Competitive, Companies Need to Look at New Ways of Generating Accurate, Yet Efficient Interpretation of Data Sets both in-house and in the field...

Although Virtual Reality Centers allow for better in-house collaboration, these centers do not offer the flexibility that meets the demand for remote collaboration. In order to remain competitive, companies need to collaborate remotely with experts in the field and offices abroad. Wireless devices and office PC's for remote collaboration have limited screen size, making it difficult for experts to view details in large data sets, thereby hampering the analytical process.

PDT for Seismic Imaging

Introducing PDT - A Virtual Lensing Technology by IDELIX...

IDELIX Software Inc. has developed Pliable Display Technology (PDT), a practical integration solution that enables faster and easier comprehension of information. PDT provides "detail-in-context" viewing that could potentially change the way geophysical analysts view and interact with information.

PDT: The Right Choice for Viewing and Interacting with 2D and 3D Data...

The PDT lens addresses the challenge of viewing high-resolution data sets and images on a limited size screen display by creating a magnified portion of the imagery under the lens in real-time. This close-up view of the imagery beneath the lens remains connected overview to the imagery surrounding the lens. This enables the user to analyze details and understand the relation between the areas of interest with the rest of the information simultaneously. The lens' data manipulation function also allows for highlighting of important information. PDT improves presentation and communication of valuable information by empowering users to view and interact in real-time with data along with co-workers in the field. It is a valuable decision-making tool for remote collaboration as it allows clear, uncluttered visualization on portable devices with smaller screens. Geophysical experts would be able to inspect detailed information efficiently and act on it.

Geophysical experts may also benefit from PDT for visualization of complex 3D models. PDT 3d by IDELIX is an effective tool for reducing the occlusion of objects within 3D models. PDT 3d provides an alternative to cutting planes, transparency and cross sections while allowing minimal adjustment of the original structure. For example, while viewing a 3D data set of a reservoir simulation, analysts would be able to move aside the layers of rock occluding their areas of interest to enable them to analyze the characteristics of the reservoir at hand without using cutting planes or cross-sections.

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For a list of the Features and Benefits of PDT and PDT 3d, see the PDT Product Sheets . For more technical detail on PDT, read our White Papers or Technical Descriptions .
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