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Professional Services

IDELIX Professional Services

The IDELIX Professional Services group is devoted to enabling our customers to fully utilize IDELIX technologies within their own projects and applications. Our professional services compliment the training and support services we offer, and assist your organization in leveraging our information visualization expertise, application design, usability, and integration experience. IDELIX Professional Services offers its information visualization, Human-computer Interfaces (HCI), and computer graphics expertise to help you define and execute your projects successfully.

"IDELIX will play a key role in helping the consortium meet the NGA's requirements. They have made it easy to implement Pliable Display Technology into the prototype we are developing, and we look forward to continued work with IDELIX on this and other infoimaging projects."
—James Manchisi,
Vice President,
Eastman Kodak Company

IDELIX Development Services

By partnering with IDELIX Professional Services, you will gain access to our information visualization and usability design experts, as well as the most current IDELIX PDT Software Development Kits .

The IDELIX Professional Services Group can work closely with you to:

  • Build prototype or proof-of-concept applications
  • Integrate PDT into your applications or develop new applications
  • Perform usability studies
  • Provide training on IDELIX technologies
  • Assist in the design, implementation, and optimization of your PDT-enabled applications

Our team will ensure seamless integration of our technologies, including special features to support your specific needs. Based on the nature and length of the project, IDELIX professional services may be performed on-site or remotely.

"IDELIX brings added value in not just their outstanding products, but in their detailed knowledge, imagination, and responsiveness to their partners and customers. Intelligence Data Systems and our customer whom we are conducting this integration for have also been extremely impressed with the IDELIX technologies and is eagerly looking forward to having this functionality to their system."
—Brian Meighen,
Program Manager,
Intelligence Data Systems

IDELIX Project Management Services

IDELIX has a proven system for project management based on real world software development experience plus state of the art project management tools for resource tracking and allocation, and progress tracking, that can be applied to any project that we are involved in.

IDELIX Workshops and Specialized Training Sessions

IDELIX has a talented training staff that can provide your development team with the training and tools required to integrate PDT into your new and existing projects and applications. Our staff is equipped to deliver IDELIX technology workshops and specialized training in a classroom environment or one-on-one, either on-site or remotely.

IDELIX Human Factors and Usability Services

Should your needs include human factors engineering, modeling and simulation, or project management, the IDELIX Professional Services Group works closely with our IDELIX Partners to provide you with a wide range of services to ensure you can enhance current applications or develop new applications with leading edge usability and demonstrable results.

IDELIX will help you to fully harness the benefits of our visualization technologies. For more information on our range of IDELIX Professional Services, please contact us at:

Tel: 604-656-6304

To become an IDELIX partner, apply online , or email us at .

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