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PDT White Papers
The White Papers listed below provide general overviews of PDT and PDT 3d, and give ideas on how PDT can be applied to different markets. Contact us if you have comments or want further information.

The White Papers are provided as downloads in PDF file format (file sizes as indicated).
PDT PDT White Paper
Some examples of how the Pliable Display Technology (PDT) lens works on 2D data.

[PDF file 7.4 MB] [download the PDF]

PDT 3d PDT 3d White Paper
Some examples of how Pliable Display Technology can be applied to 3D data.

[PDF file 700 KB]
[download the PDF]

The white papers begin with discussions of how PDT and PDT 3d work in very general terms. The main body of each paper is dedicated to a description of the solutions that PDT and PDT 3d provide and a description of products and demonstration applications that are already PDT-enabled. These descriptions are followed by brief overviews of the contents of the PDT Software Development Kits provided by IDELIX for ease of integration.

More information on PDT can be found in the PDT Technical Descriptions and the PDT Integration Guide .

If you have questions, comments or are interested in keeping up to date on the latest PDT developments, fill in this short form below, and we'll be sure to send the appropriate information your way!

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